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Berlin authorities make €1 million available to clubs for soundproofing

Germany's number one for the win... 

Berlin authorities have made €1million available to clubs for soundproofing, re-affirming the city's status as the most techno-friendly capital in the world. 

The local government had promised to establish a fund amid growing pressure on venues from residential development. From today a public grant of either €50,000 or €100,000 will be open for applications from clubs looking to complete 'projects of extraordinary importance'. 

The Noise Protection Fund is officially pegged as having been set up to "preserve the Berlin club culture by promoting noise abatement measures and to ensure the long-term compatibility of living space and club operations in the immediate vicinity".

It's a vastly different story to California's attitude towards music spaces, where a move to serve alcohol after 4AM has just been rejected and prominent San Francisco spot Mezzanine is set to close, although those on the East Coast of the US are fairing better, with New York City's first Nighttime Mayor now in office