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Berlin clubs tentatively reopening with “no dancing” rules and strict social distancing

Certain clubs have reopened as beer gardens with shorter opening hours and limited capacity

A small number of clubs in Berlin have started reopening with strict social distancing measures as Germany’s coronavirus lockdown is relaxed. 

As Berliner Zeitung reports, Sisyphos, Birgit & Bier and Rummels Bay, three venues with ample outdoor spaces, opened last weekend (15th May) as beer gardens serving food and drink to limited crowds, with assigned seating and table service. While there is music, the clubs are enforcing a strict “no dancing” policy.  The clubs have been opening from around 3pm to 10pm, with Birgit & Bier opening a bit earlier at 12pm offering a deal on pizza and beer. 

Each venue requires that guests wear face masks, with hygiene regulations in place. Rummels Bay have implemented a system whereby only members of two households can share a table.

Other Berlin clubs, including ://about blank, are reportedly in the process of planning reopening under new terms.  It is a tentative step in the reopening of clubs post-coronavirus, and as Berliner Zeitung reports, many clubs, such as The Yaam, are still wary of doing so due to financial unviability. 

Responses to a new survey by the Night Time Industries Association indicate that many UK clubs, bars and music venues are wary of reopening while social distancing measures will be required due to financial uncertainty. 

As lockdown began easing toward the end of April, several Berlin record stores re-opened, albeit with strict social distancing measures.

A new documentary on BBC Radio 4 explores the current state of Berlin’s underground club culture, and the work of those dedicated to its future. 

image via: Birgit&Bier