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Berlin government pledges €1 million to fund noise protection in clubs

City government hopes the move will save clubs from closure...

In a bold and progressive move, Berlin's city government has pledged €1 million to fund soundproofing in the city's various clubs and venues.

According to German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel, the money will initially be used to beef up several venues' soundproofing who have had issues with noise complaints from their neighbours.

"In a densely populated city, where residential development is close to music venues, investment must be made in noise protection to ensure coexistence," said its spokesman Lutz Leichsenring.

The German city government hopes that the fund will help safeguard venues from closing down in the city, which has seen over 170 clubs close since 2011.

London's mayor Sadiq Khan has signalled that he wants to pursue a similar approach for London, where he's hoping to pass a law which will force property developers to pay for soundproofing of clubs and venues instead of owners.

“I intend to protect venues by introducing an ‘Agent of Change’ rule into the next London Plan,” Khan said in the statement. “Developers would be responsible for ensuring their new developments don't threaten the future of existing venues.”