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Berlin’s Rave the Planet parade announces afterparties

Serving up everything from psytrance and hardstyle to deep house, disco and techno 


Berlin’s Rave the Planet parade has announced the official afterparties involved with this year's free event, which takes place in the city on Saturday 9th July.

There's something for every raver, from Club OST's Ostfunk/Goanautika party to techno rager B:EAST OPEN AIR at Sage Beach. Also on Saturday night, Revolver Party Events Berlin will present Christian Smith and his Tronic Showcase at Kesselhaus, featuring Drunken Kong, Denise Schneider, Kaiserdisco, Ramon Tapia, and PAGANO. Check out the full list of afterparties on the Rave the Planet site.

Parties aside, there's also a clean-up day taking place on Sunday 10th July, with attendees invited to meet at 11am at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. You can find more info here.

The UK's Save Our Scene movement is heading out for the mammoth street party, and PRU Y RVU, a group standing for inclusivity and freedom, have dedicated their float to the protection of safe spaces. A large number of their performers on the day are a part of the Ukrainian queer club scene. 

Elsewhere, the one and only Juan Atkins will make his presence known at the Back Market truck as part of the parade, playing alongside Kasumi, Anna Leevia, and Tempoespacio.

The 2022 Rave the Planet party will revive the political spirit of the original Love Parade, accompanied by the motto “Recognition and Preservation of Electronic Music Culture as a Cultural Achievement”.

"Especially now, the world needs something that brings us all together again," write Rave the Planet. "Electronic music culture, like hardly any other, has managed to unfold a unifying and peacemaking power that unites people and creates peace. The Love Parade accelerated the reunification, built bridges between people and nations, and reaffirmed in all of us the belief in a better world."

"It's important to understand that Rave The Planet Parade is a demonstration. Sure, we express ourselves primarily through music and dance — there will be about 20 trucks with different, very versatile DJ line ups. But, also, well thought speeches that highlight the importance as well as the current condition and struggles of our music scene and the related industries," Rave the Planet's Tomasz Guiddo told DJ Mag.

"As a non-profit organisation, Rave the Planet has very clear demands addressed to the authorities and politicians that will hopefully be heard out and understood, while the music and dance convince the wider audience how peaceful and meaningful it can be and how important that feeling of togetherness is. Now more than ever," he continued.