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Bitwig release version 2.3: Watch

The latest version adds a new synth, time signature changes and more…

Bitwig have announced version 2.3 of their upstart DAW. Hot off the heals of version 2.2.3, the latest version adds a new phase manipulation synth called Phase-4, as well as allowing users to automate and change their time signatures and new time stretching modes for higher quality warping. There’s also a new Expanded Device View to unhook the Devices from the bottom part of the GUI and allow them to take over the whole screen for more in-depth tweaking.

Watch the video below to find out what else is new in Bitwig 2.3 and for more details on the latest maor update, here's what v2 brought to the table. If you're not convinced as to what DAW is for you, let our new 10 Things We Love About Ableton Live 10 article convince you.