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Bitwig's new modular DAW Studio 3 is out now

The programme includes a fully modular sound design environment

Bitwig has released its new modular DAW Studio 3.

The application was announced back in January, with Bitwig emphasising its fully modular sound design environment which the company has dubbed 'The Grid'.

It features 154 individual modules and is designed in a way that allows users to build devices such as synths within The Grid and have sit them alongside Bitwig's plug-ins and modulator tools.

The programme comes with over 200 presets and, the company claims, is built so that even beginners can get to grips with The Grid. It's retailing at $299, though existing Bitwig users have the option to upgrade for free. There is also the option to give it a go for free with a demo trial. 

You can find more information on what the application has to offer here. Find a video guide to how The Grid works below. 

Studio 3 is an update on version 2.5 which arrived in December last year, not long after 2.4 dropped last summer