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The $100 hat for under $40

There’s a void in the music scene that seldom gets discussed. We’re not talking about vinyl records (for once) or the true art of DJing versus button-pushing, but rather fashion, particularly the must-have hat. Gone are the days of Kangol. Von Dutch is nothing but a distant memory. In celebration of Black Friday, DJ Mag scoured the States in search of something fresh for the heads of our tasteful readers. And we scored something as addictive as crack, only much safer.

Head Crack NYC is raising the standards in streetwear, with quality and detail being the main focus that caught our eyes as well as attracting celebrities and street heads such as R&B superstar J.Cole and his winning Chi Town homie and singer, Jeremih. When renowned graffiti / street artist Alec Monopoly donned Head Crack’s ‘King Of New York’ snapback, the tastemaker confirmed this brand could be the ticket to fill the the hat void. 

"We specialize solely in creating hats, 100% hand made, pure cut and sew. Therefore, it allows us the time and effort to make the best possible product,” Head Crack CEO, Gliffics,“ tell DJ Mag. “New customers don't have to be familiar with our brand. Chances are pretty high that even a Hype Beast would roll the dice and walk out with one of our hats over a brand they may already love.

“Most of the celebrities and people wearing Head Crack, I didn't even know was wearing it until someone told me, in most cases I never even met them. I'm a hat enthusiast, but my confidence comes from the huge organic growth and repeat buyer testimonials.“

So why is the hat worth so much but selling for under $40?

"I have made hats that have sold for as much as $700,” says Gliffics and countless retailers paid in advance to reproduce a limited edition hat that was selling for $100 because of how well it was doing in their stores. I will continue to make products that will be worth just as much, if not more, but growing up in New York City and being made fun of because I couldn't afford a pair of Jordan's made me grow to be a conscious fashion designer.

It costs more money to make my product than most other brands selling a similar style, I just choose to sell it for less. I realized that I had an opportunity to make people look and feel good about themselves by making fashion forward items in streetwear that were affordable. Further than its bargain, my aim is to make pieces that have significant meaning, truly representing ones lifestyle. Head Crack is also active in philanthropy, we have supported many good causes locally and across the globe."

 Get crackin’ while the offer lasts on HeadCrack.NYC