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Black Junglist Alliance launches to address diversity issues in jungle and d&b

The community portal has been founded by Chris Inperspective

A new community portal called the Black Junglist Alliance (BJA) has been launched.

Founded with the aim of uniting Black artists, professionals and creatives from the world of jungle/drum & bass, BJA will rovide a media platform — BJATV — to showcase Black talent in the drum & bass scene, offer guidance and advice, all while acting as a catalyst for learning and collaboration.

Following his viral Facebook videos calling out Hospital Records for their part in the whitewashing of the drum & bass scene, founder of the Black Junglist Alliance, Chris Inperspective, said in an op-ed piece for DJ Mag that "the route to real change is more Black ownership" and that the "foundation is something you can build upon".

Some of the other founding members of BJA include Chris Walton, Caldey Muffett, Neil Stevens, and Charlotte Toney, and the platform "are determined to usher in an exciting new future for the scene, where fairness and equality take centre stage."

You can apply for the Black Junglist Alliance here.