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Blawan and Pariah reunite for first Karenn record in five years, 'Kind Of Green': Listen

The UK techno duo are back on their new imprint... 

Blawan and Pariah have reunited for the first Karenn record in five years, 'Kind of Green'.

The UK techno heavyweights last put a track out under the pseudonym in 2014, via their Works The Long Nights label. This latest cut is a five-strong EP which comes on their new imprint, Voam, and is slated for vinyl and digital release on 13th April. 

Last year saw Blawan, who was recently confirmed for Dekmantel's Dutch sister-festival, Lente Kabinet, unveil his highly-anticipated debut LP, 'Wet Will Always Dry', while Pariah gave us his long-form, 'Here From Where We Are', both of which were in our top 20 albums of 2018