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Block9 unveils jaw-dropping IICON stage design at Glastonbury

The highly anticipated mega-structure made its debut on Thursday night...

Block9 has unveiled its latest and most ambitious stage installation to date, IICON.

Described by Block9 co-founder Gideon Berger as "a sinister monument to the terrifying realities of this digital, post-truth age that we find ourselves in", IICON is a mammoth 65ft sculpture of a head "anonymised by a giant block that contains an LED wall entranced by the image of itself, and by the screens".

IICON made its debut last night with performances from Raime, Dan Habarnam, Batu and Raggs, with the Hessle Audio crew, Larry Heard, Laurel Halo and Kode9 performing across the weekend as well.

The IICON installation also features a 20-minute, audio-visual immersive experience 'IICON:AV-3D', which is shown each night of the festival.

Block9 have expanded their South fields site to two fields this year, with IICON holding a capacity of 15,000. 

Read the full line-up for the IICON stage at Glastonbury here and check out a jaw-dropping video of IICON below, soudtracked by Special Request's monstrous 'VORTEX 150' as played by Timedance founder, Batu.

After Glastonbury, Block9 will take IICON global on a world tour. 

Photo: Martin Perry