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BMG to review all historical record contracts for any racial inequities

BMG will audit contracts to look for “inequities or anomalies” over the next month

BMG will review all historical record contracts over the next month for any racial inequities.

According to a report from Music Business Worldwide, CEO Hartwig Masuch of BMG, who split from Sony in 2008, wrote in a email to BMG artists and management: “Mindful of the music industry’s record of shameful treatment of black artists, we have begun a review of all historic record contracts. 

"While BMG only began operations in 2008, we have acquired many older catalogues. If there are any inequities or anomalies, we will create a plan to address them. Within 30 days.”

He added that "Racism and social injustice exists in all 12 countries in which we operate. We need to play our part in tackling it. Each BMG office will create a plan to do so. Within 30 days."

You can read the full statement from Hartwig Masuch and the BMG team here.

Earlier this week, Republic Records made a decision to drop the term “urban” from use within the company structures.

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