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Boiler Room & Ballantine's True Music Fund — applications now open in South Africa

The travelling investment and mentorship program will support grassroots music scenes around the world...

Applications are now open in South Africa for Boiler Room & Ballantine's True Music Fund. The investment and mentorship program, which initially launched for Spanish applicants at the end of 2019, is tasked with supporting grassroots music scenes acorss the globe. 

The Fund forms part of Ballantine’s stated commitment to “push True Music scenes forward and to support artists, fans, crews and communities around the world” The goal is to support events that have the potential to positively impact the music community but which need help to get off the ground. 

Boiler Room x Ballantine’s True Music will follow the journey of all the Fund recipients through a unique content series in partnership with DJ Mag, launching soon.


If you are based in South Africa and have a project that could benefit from the True Music Fund, you can apply now at. 

Find out more about the Boiler Room & Ballantine's True Music Fund at and keep an eye out for where the True Music Fund visits next.