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Booka Shade are releasing a new album coming in April

Cut the Strings…

Booka Shade are set to release their tenth album on 4th April. The duo of Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier will “return to the essence of their sound” with the new 11-track effort entitled ‘Cut The Strings’.

Following 2017’s lyrically-heavy ‘Galvany Street’, ‘Cut The Strings’ features only three guest appearances and places the emphasis back on the Berliner’s instrumental approach.

This summer, Booka Shade will be joining The Chemical Brothers and The Orb at Bluedot Festival.

The duo’s own Blaufield Music group will be releasing the record. The album’s lead single (‘Night Surfin’) tracklisting and cover art can be found below.

01. Easy Drifter
02. Night Surfing
03. EMS Love
04. Cut The Strings feat. Troels Abrahamsen
05. Confessions
06. Kolibri
07. And You?
08. Lost feat. Daniel Spencer
09. Black Crystal
10. Tyrell
11. Aftermath feat. Giorgia Angiuli