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British DJ to be charged over playing Muslim call to prayer during his set in Tunisia

If found guilty he could face 6 months in jail…

British DJ Dax J could be charged with “offending public morality” after he played a remix of the Muslim call to prayer during his set at a Tunisian nightclub last weekend.

According to reports from The Times of Isreal, the DJ and club could both be charged with the crime, which carries a six month jail sentence, though there’s no suggest Dax J would actually serve time considering he lives in the Berlin.

The DJ faced a barrage of online abuse after a video of him playing parts of the Muslim call to prayer during his DJ set appeared online.

After the video went viral, the British DJ — who now lives in Berlin — immediately apologised for causing any offence and has since deleted his social media profiles due to receiving numerous death threats.

There’s no suggestion that the Dax J or the club intentionally tried to cause offence but with today’s heighten sensitivity towards religion it was clearly an incredibly naive thing to do.

Ylyes Miladi, a spokesman for a court in Grombalia told AFP that three people including the DJ and the club owner were expected to be charged with “offending public morality”.

Tunisia’s religious affairs ministry said in a statement, “Mocking the opinions and religious principles of Tunisians is absolutely unacceptable.”