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Brooklyn club Rash damaged following arson attack

A GoFundMe has been launched by the club to immediately support staff and to eventually help with repairs

Brooklyn club Rash damaged following arson attack

Brooklyn club Rash was hit with a fire caused by an arson attack on Sunday, 3rd April. 

Shortly before Sunday night's event was due to start, a person wearing a dark hoodie and backpack entered the bar and began pouring gasoline on the floor, according to a statement posted to the club's Instagram. The person then set the gas aflame, causing an explosion in the bar, and fled the scene. Everyone inside the bar was able to exit, although two people were taken to the hospital. They are currently in stable condition. 

"We still don’t know what to make of this cruel act of violence," the Rash team wrote. "In only five short months we were privileged to become home to such a talented and vital community of artists. It breaks our hearts that anyone would seek to threaten that for any reason."

No suspect has been identified at this time. People who may have relevant information about the incident are encouraged to contact the Rash team. 

Since the fire, Rash has launched a GoFundMe to immediately support staff who are now out of work and eventually help with repairs. At the time of writing, the fundraiser has collected nearly $20,000 in donations. 

Resident Advisor's Kiana Mickles spoke with Rash co-owner Jake Sillen: "Luckily it was earlier in the night. We had an event planned to start less than an hour after this happened. We're so grateful that it happened at a time when the bar was mostly empty of any customers."

Earlier this year, neighbouring Bushwick venue Bossa Nova Civic club also suffered damage from a fire started in an upstairs apartment. The club is still closed indefinitely. 

Support Rash's GoFundMe and read their full statement on Instagram.