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Build it in under 10 minutes...

Fancy building your own monophonic synth in less than ten minutes flat? Well then Modal’s new CRAFTsynth is for you!

Modal are no strangers to boutique analogue/digital synths, their last offerings — the Modal 001, 002 and 008 — were warmly received despite their weighty price tags.

Now, Modal have released a fun, fully capable synth that can be put together in 10 minutes, without the need of an electronics degree or an inkling as to how to make a modern day synthesiser at a price that everyone will enjoy.

The sound of the CRAFTsynth is pretty impressive considering that it comes as a DIY kit — it holds its own against a wealth of monophonic synths already in the market place. It has a dirty analogue-esque sound that will sit nicely within house and techno productions.

Modal are also set to release an app (CRAFTapp) for iOS, Mac and PC Users alongside the kit, that will add a wealth of additional features to the synth.

The perfect Christmas gift for any music lover or gearhead, the CRAFTsynth will be available exclusively from Gear 4 Music for £79.99.