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Burning Man’s growth to 100,000 people rejected by authorities

The festival is currently capped at 80,000...

Burning Man has been denied the request to allow an extra 20,000 people into the festival by The Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

A draft environmental impact statement was issued by the federal government in April, which included a set of restrictions should the festival increase their capacity from 80,000 to 100,000.

Speaking on the rejected request, BLM spokesperson Rudy Evenson said, "The city of Reno, Nevada Department of Transportation, Nevada Highway Patrol as well as the Bureau of Land Management could not support the growth particularly because there are other events going on during Labor Day. One-third of BLM law enforcement officers nationwide are required to patrol the event at the current size, but one half would be required if it grew to 100,000."

The festival are currently waiting on a new permit to be approved, which would allow Burning Man to operate at the Black Rock City site for another decade.

Earlier this year, Carl Cox hosted a Burning Man fundraiser.