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Burning Man attendee hospitalised after being run over by car while sleeping in tent

He remains in stable condition... 

Burning Man was marred by another tragedy Monday night. A male victim was struck while resting in his tent and was transported out of Black Rock City and to intensive care.

The man was struck by a flatbed Ford pick-up truck when it maneuvered into a non-roadway area. The female driver of the truck immediately stopped to alert medical assistance and is reportedly complying with local authorities. It remains unclear if the tiered vehicle belonged to official festival organizers.

According to local publication RGJ, the driver did not appear to be under the influence but did submit to testing. The results of those tests are pending. Names of the parties involved are not being released pending the outcome of the investigation.

As of Wednesday 6th September, the male is in stable condition.

The news follows the tragic death of Aaron Joel Mitchell, who passed away on Sunday morning from fatal burns he sustained after evading security personnel and running into the burn.