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Burning Man reveals Multiverse Man structure for 2020 festival

The structure is based on "the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse"

Burning Man has shared the designs for the 2020 festival's Multiverse Man Base.

The festival, which takes place from August 30th to September 7th 2020, in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, shared the designs for the Burning Man temple earlier this month. In line with this year's festival theme, Multiverse, which is centered around "the quantum kaleidoscope of possibility, the infinite realities of the multiverse, and our own superpositioning as actors and observers in the cosmic Cacophony of resonant strings", the Burning Man Multiverse Base designs have been shared.

Posting via the Burning Man Journal, the submitted designs were shared, alongside the winning design from Kate Greenberg, who envisions the Pavilion base as the intersection of five bubble universes.

Explaining the theme behind her design, Greenberg said: ""A multiverse may be the coexistence of multiple universes separated by space, time, or dimension. We may exist in one, some, or all of these simultaneously; however, we continue to find ourselves at the center of that which we call our general reality. When we look beyond what we know about this reality, perhaps to find something larger than ourselves, we can't help but also seek to find humanity in the vastness of this expanding all.

As a concept for the 2020 Man Pavilion, this wood structure represents five bubble universes held in suspended animation at the center of the Burning Man Multiverse. Four entry portals form connections like cosmic wormholes, and reveal the interstitial Space that is holding all possible futures and realities in quantum constellation.

The fifth cardinal direction connects to the Man. Through this portal, a mirrored man reaches down. Looking up, you are mirrored back.

In this Multiverse, YOU are the Man. The Man is YOU.

You are the true centrifuge for your experience, and your energy has the power to expand this universe as you know it." 

Check out Greenberg's Man Pavilion below.

Earlier this month, Burning Man revealed the designs for this year's temple, entitled Empyrean

In December, organisers of Burning Man launched a federal lawsuit against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), demanding that the goverment honor its appeals process in relation to costs that it imposes at the event. It equates to a total of $18 million in permit costs levied against the festival since 2015.