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A ‘Business Techno’ board game has been released

The crew behind Poland's Up To Date Festival want to open dialogue about the state of the industry today

Up To Date Festival Business Techno The Game

A new Monopoly-style board game challenging players to build a dance music empire, while taking on competitors, has been released in time for Christmas. 

'Business Techno: The Game' has been developed by the team behind Poland's Up To Date Festival and the club FOMO. Between two and six people can play together, trading 'techno properties', parts of the T-Corp firm, and other assets. 

Locations including London, Detroit, Amsterdam, Ibiza, Berlin and Dubai all feature, with specific venues, events and institutions tied to each place. With many real world references, the concept has dual aims. Firstly, provide a fun experience for groups of friends with an interest in nightlife culture, and — most significantly — open dialogue about the state of the global club industry in 2022. 

You can buy 'Business Techno: The Game' here.

Echoing their creation, those behind the board have also announced that their Bialystok venue, FOMO, which appears in the game, will close for good this month as a result of financial challenges, particularly those posed by the pandemic. In a bid to facilitate conversations about these issues, Saturday 26th November will see Up To Date host a conference, including a live 'Business Techno: The Game' tournament, from their Polish headquarters. Details of the event are here.

Watch a trailer for the game below, then read our recent feature on the new wave of Polish artists offering a fresh take on Balearic beat.