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Flats and retail units are being proposed for the site

Bussey Building, the CLF Art Cafe and Rye Wax record store, three of Peckham’s well-loved music and art institutions, are being threatened by new development proposals.

Eleven luxury apartments are being proposed at the 133 Rye Lane gateway which opens onto the cafe, Bussey and Copeland Park, as well as up to eight retail units opening directly onto the Bussey corridor and courtyard.

According to a post on Facebook that the owners of the cluster of buildings have made, this would make entrance to and from the buildings “impossible” and would lead to the “potential loss of up to 700 jobs”.

“A sure sign of the on-set of full blown gentrification”, it has added.

SE15 has long been a vibrant, cultural hub and is the latest area of social cleansing and target for property developers.  

We recently launched the DJ Mag Save Our Clubs campaign - which is dedicated to upholding our music spaces that continue to be threatened by gentrification and council interference. 

In the meantime, you can object to the proposed scheme on the Southwark council website.

“We need all the help we can get. We’re limited on time as notices were not posted to the affected businesses, meaning we are already nearing the end of our complaints window. If you live in the area or just care about London's musical and cultural landscape not being whitewashed, please add yourself to the objections and be as detailed as possible about your feelings”, Tom Steidl of Rye Wax has said.

The deadline is November 18th so we’ve not got long.