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Call Super and Julia Holter collaborate on new single, ‘Illumina’: Listen

‘Illumina’ is released on can you feel the sun, the label co-run by Call Super and Parris

Left: Black and white press shot of call super wearing a white shirt and glasses Right: Press shot of Julia Holter in a warm orange light
Call Super photo credit: Kasia Zacharko

Call Super and Julia Holter have collaborated on a new single, ‘Illumina’, released via can you feel the sun, the label co-run by the former and Parris.

Call Super – real name Joseph Richmond-Seaton – describes the writing of 'Illumina' as “like a sung poem about light and place and memory". 'Illumina' nods to "sweaty smoke machine-filled dancefloors", but with Holter's ghostly voice fluttering around off-kilter electronics and trance-inducing percussion that takes the track somewhere else entirely.

"It was a joy improvising melodies over Call Super’s skittering delicate percussion. For some reason, I thought of when electrons spin between energy levels and emit light//illumina," said Holter. Hear the track via Bandcamp below.

Last year, Call Super dropped a two-track EP called 'Swallow Me' that included samples from a 2019 performance in New York by the US opera singer Kamala Sankaram. The EP followed 2021 offering 'Cherry Drops', which was also released via can you feel the sun.