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Calls for electronic music to replace classical in school music lessons

Move over Mozart, Stormzy is where exams should be... 

Calls have been made for electronic music to replace classical in UK school lessons. 

National charity Youth Music believes offering grime, hip hop and electronic music as part of the curriculum, rather than more traditional compositions, could help improve attendance, personal and social development amongst disadvantaged and disengaged pupils. 

"We've seen the benefits of students exchanging Mozart for Stormzy as part of a re-imagined music curriculum," said Matt Griffiths, Chief Executive of Youth Music.

"Schools can offer an inspirational music curriculum that better supports social and emotional well-being, the music industry talent pipeline grows and is more diverse, and young people's lives in music are completely connected both in and out of school."

A four-year research project run by Youth Music and Birmingham City University found that more inclusive music courses can make a significant difference to the attainment of struggling students.  

DJing is already an option for UK children studying a GCSE in music, usually aged between 14 and 16. See what happened when we sent decade-spanning artists Utah Saints and Denney back to school to sit the exam