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Calvin Harris answers DJ Snake's call to help the Rohingya refugee crisis

Scottish producer donates $20,000 to the cause...

Calvin Harris has answered DJ Snake's call to donate money to the Rohingya refugee crisis by generousluy donating $20,000 to the campaign.

Yesterday, the French EDM don posted a video recorded from one of the refugee camps in Bangladesh where hundred's of thousand of Rohingya have been displaced.

International observers have called the humanitarian crisis, which has seen hundreds of thousands Rohingha muslims fleeing their homes — "ethnic cleansing" at hands of the Myanmar goverment.

DJ Snake alongside his friends have already raised $1.5 million, the campaign's initial target, in just 24 hours.

The generous donation was spotted by one of Harris' fans who noted that it was made under Harris' birth name, Adam Wiles.

You can donate to the fund here.