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Campaign launched to get Robert Miles’ ‘Children’ back in the charts

The electronic music industry is urging people to go to iTunes or Spotify to stream or buy ‘Children (Dream Version)’...

Robert Miles sadly passed away at the age of 47 last week, and to commemorate his death, the electronic music industry are trying to get his classic track, ‘Children’, to chart again.

To join the campaign in Miles’ memory, you can go to iTunes or Spotify to stream or buy ‘Children (Dream Version)’ and help make it chart again.

The Swiss-born Italian musician, born Robert Concina, cause of death was confirmed to be from stage 4 metastatic cancer last week.

Shortly after his death, Miles's long time friend, Joe T Vannelli, told DJ Mag Italia he was "incredulous and upset" by the death.

“The tragic news of the death of a very talented artist of our time, makes me incredulous and upset,” he said.

“I will miss the fights, brawls, criticism, judgements but especially your talent in finding sounds and melodies unparalleled.”

Miles' 'Children' became one of the best-selling dance tracks of all time after its release in 1995, reaching number one in more than 12 countries.

The trance legend then went on to produce more experimental and leftfield music, as well as Balearic radio station OpenLab, which supported unnoticed electronic music and visual art.

Listen to Robert Miles’ ‘Children (Dream Version)’ below and to iTunes or Spotify to stream or buy the track and help make it chart again.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.