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Carl Craig speaks out on new Detroit pressing plant collaboration

Motor City veteran drops Detroit-only release...

Carl Craig has revealed details of his upcoming release via new Detroit vinyl pressing plant, Third Man Records.

Founded by The White Stripes frontman, Jack White, the factory opened last weekend (25th February), and marks the first new vinyl plant to open in the city since 1965.

Craig is one of the first artists to have a release made at the Third Man factory (alongside Derrick May), and spoke out on Twitter about the experience, explaining how it marks "the first time in over 10 years where I can have vinyl within 15 days of mixing and mastering."

The veteran DJ also explained that the record is only available at Third Man's Detroit store, and expressed his disdain for unscrupulous Discogs sellers.

Dutchman Benny Rodrigues also chimed in on the conversation, suggesting they push for a wax copy of his ROD alias' remix of 'Poi Et Pas' (released under Craig's 69 moniker), to which the Detroit man responded "Let's make it happen."