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Carl Craig will play NYC's House of Yes for DJ Mag's Best of North America tour

Craig heads to the Big Apple this July...

DJ Mag welcomes the inimitable Carl Craig as Treetops presents our Best of North America Awards tour at New York's House of Yes for on Saturday 22nd July.

Carl Craig — who is nominated in the Best Producer category for our very first Best of North America Awards — needs no introductions; the godfather of Detroit techno and world-renowned DJ, Craig has been at the forefront of the techno revolution for over two decades.

Craig takes a forward-thinking approach to his output, often working with rock, jazz or classical musicians.

2017 saw Craig embark on his most ambitious release to date, 'Versus', where he turned many of his past gems — including his 1993 remix of Maurizio’s 'Domina' — into orchestral masterpieces with the help of Francesco Tristano and other talented musicians.

Speaking about the album's futuristic aesthetic, Craig said: “You can be futuristic with a guitar and a flanger,” he explains. “It’s not the instrument that’s futuristic; it’s the idea behind what’s played that makes it futuristic.”

Carl Craig will play DJ Mag's Best of North America Awards tour at New York's House of Yes, which has also been nominated in the Best Venue category, on Saturday 22nd July.

For more information and to purchase tickets, head here.

The winners of the first DJ Mag Best of North America Awards will be announced on Tuesday 4th July.