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April Clare Welsh
10 March 2023, 16:48

Cassy releases new EP, ‘The Mission’, celebrating 20 years in music: Listen

The EP is "a nod to her love for Eurodance, house and techno"


Cassy has released a new EP, ‘The Mission’, in celebration of her 20 years in music.

Out now on her on Kwench Records, ‘The Mission’ EP is Cassy's first solo release since 2021 and marks her 20th year of living and making music and DJing. The record is "a nod to her love for Eurodance, house and techno."

"...After becoming totally uninspired I started listening to genres like Drum n Bass, but also Eurodance hits like ‘Rhythm of the Night’, La Bouche ‘Be My Lover’ and was just taken back by the force of these tracks. No matter where you are, they make you happy for a second, even if it's a guilty pleasure you will start dancing or smiling," she says.

EP track ‘Inside Dance’ is described as "total shameless expression" while ‘The Get On Down’ is "the exact mixture of driving house and techno" that Cassy loves to mix and play. Check out the EP below.

Cassy is among the guests set to play at DJ Mag Miami's pool party 2023, which will take place at the Sagamore Hotel as part of the Epic Pool Parties series, which lasts from 22nd to 26th March.