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Check out 231 DJ names made up by an artificial intelligence

The AI learned artist names listed on the Hard Wax record store's website to create its own names...

An artificial intelligence programme has been taught to create 231 producer names, and they're alarmingly believable.

Berlin-based Swede Olle Holmberg is a producer and photographer with a great affinity for one of Berlin's most renowned record shops, Hard Wax. So much so that he trained an AI to scan and analyse every artist name on the store's website, and subsequently create its own names.

In an interview with Electronic Beats, Holmberg admits a serious intent behind the project alongside the humorous name generation: "By doing data scraping/analysis and AI type hobby projects[...] I’m gradually equipping myself skill-wise for near-term survival. That the subject of the homework is electronic dance music is merely incidental to my own proximity to it."

The list is remarkable, with names including Sharks Of Tarrys, Stan Pacropios, Gizaklo Grimici and Heill wewté & Inlyeo. This writer's favourite? The Sans Tub Man. A name primed for a Dimensions boat party!

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