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Check out this amazing illustrated guide to getting into Berghain

28 tips to get into Berghain...

Illustrator Sophia Halamoda has created an amazing tongue-and-cheek guide to getting past the notoriously picky door staff at famed techno mecca Berghain.

Getting into a Berghain has become one of dance music's most trickiest propositions. It's not unheard of to queue for three hours to then get turned away at the door.

The club's door policy has taken on something of a mythical status with hundreds of articles, guides and forum posts appearing online all promising a full proof way to get into the sacred techno club.

Sophia Halamoda has created her own incredible illustrated guide which sees her giving away some of her best tips for getting past the club's incredibly picky door staff.

But her guide is so much more than just getting past Sven Marquardt and his merry men.

She's gives away her wisdom on what to eat beforehand, what to wear (or not as the case may be), and how to handle the impending rejection.

Check out her amazing illustrated guide to getting into Berghain below.