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Yep, it really levitates...

Ever wished that your wax could levitate? Okay, no, neither have we, but there's now a potential new turntable on the market that can help you do exactly that! 

You can experience zero gravity vinyl with kickstarter turntable brand MAG-LEV, who claim to have created a "levitating "drive system that is unlike anything else on the market. 

“We were searching for a way to give people a better, newer way to experience vinyl records,” says MAG-LEV. “By pushing the frontier of audio technology, we were able to integrate the uplifting experience of music into the turntable design itself, bringing the feeling of zero gravity into your living room.”

The turntable includes a cueing mechanism, speed select button, platter feet and a pre-fitted cartridge and tonearm, and is expected to start shipping in August next year. 

Will you buy it? Support the Kickstarter here.