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Get a BA (Hons) in Music Production & Sound Engineering...

Point Blank are going from strength to strength, with a second London studio opened earlier this year they are now focusing their remit on delivering a range of courses that will give attendees a real chance of getting a job in the wholly competitive music industry. Their latest offering a degree course BA (Hons) Music Production & Sound Engineering, once again galvanises this music educational facility as one of the top learning establishments in the game. 

Rob Cowan, CEO of Point Blank, told DJ Mag, “This is a huge step. For years we have delivered outstanding courses designed to get people working in the industry. For our BA we did not want to lose this focus so the course will prepare you for a job in the industry but also give an academic qualification that backs up the skills and experience learnt on the course. Increasingly jobs go to people who not only are highly skilled in their field but also have graduate level skills, such as public presentation and the ability to research techniques or subjects effectively.

Delivering a full degree puts us academically on a level playing field with all Universities and means that students can gain the same value qualification with us as they would do from Oxford or Cambridge. Now the biggest difference between us and most Universities is the fact that we have equipment and resources that Universities can only dream of.

Our big driver is providing the best student experience and now that we deliver a BA (Hons), it means that students can achieve a full degree whilst using the best resources, in small groups, and with more contact hours than any university.” 

To find out more and enroll contact Point Blank. The new terms start from January 2017 and start dates run throughout all of 2017 into 2018.