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Check out the world’s first 3D printed record player: Watch

Lenco have made a world first that may become available to buy...

The world’s first 3D printed record player has won an award for best innovation at a consumer electronics fair.

Swiss company Lenco have produced a modular unit called ‘Lenco-MD’, with multiple interchangeable parts, made up mostly of renewable resources.

Available in blue, green, pink, white, orange, yellow and red, the device came in the top three in the category of Best Innovations at IFA Berlin 2018.

You can watch a preview of the 3D printed piece of kit below.

The device is not available to buy yet, but Lenco have launched a Kickstarter to produce this gear on a wide scale. 

If this becomes a reality, punters will be able to print the record player if you own the correct hardware parts, such as the belt, pulley and motor.

The world of record players is developing rapidly. At one end, Technics unveiled their “most premium turntable ever”, costing an eye-watering $10,000. At the other, Mofi released an entry-level model, a StudioDeck, costing £995.