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The Chemical Brothers, Kano, Kelly Lee Owens, many more call on government for post-Brexit touring action

Hannah Holland, Afrodeutsche and Dimensions Festival have also shared their support for the #LetTheMusicMove campaign

More than 200 British artists have called on the government for financial aid for touring EU countries following Brexit.

The Chemical Brothers, Kano, Kelly Lee Owens, and festivals including Dimensions, are among the many acts and organisations speaking out in support of the #LetTheMusicMove initiative. The campaign is calling on the UK government to "do more to support the future of the music industry, and mitigate the Brexit-related impacts of restrictions, costs and delays on European touring”.

Following a new survey showing that 58% of the UK public believe the government should be doing more for the post-Brexit touring crisis, Let the Music Move is calling for a renegotiation on touring - or "new bilateral agreements with each country that will reduce the costs and red tape" - as well as a short-term “transitional support package” to financially assist artists with new paperwork.

As a result of Brexit, UK musicians must now acquire a goods passport - a carnet - in order to tour mainland Europe. Individual visas and permits are also required for different countries, and UK-registered vehicles are limited to only three stops on the continent before having to return home. This amounts to extra costs roughly amounting to £5,000 per individual country.

The launch of the campaign comes two months after more than 300 arts organisations joined together to urge the UK Government to do more to act on the post-Brexit touring crisis.

Back in March, Labour MP Harriet Harman unveiled a 10-point plan of proposed measures, supported by organisations such as Musicians’ Union and UK Music, to allow British musicians to tour Europe without visas.

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