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Chicago house DJ Darrell Woodson has died

“He was one of the best DJs you’d ever meet, but didn’t mind sharing the spotlight" 

Chicago house DJ Darrell Woodson has passed away.
“Last night we lost a sweet soul who happened to be a fantastic DJ,” Chicago's DJ Heather told 5 Mag, who reported the news. “He fought a long battle but now in peace may he rest. In the death there is eternal life. Love to him, family and close friends.”
Starting his journey at the Gramaphone record store on Chicago's Northside, Woodson became a staple in the city's house scene and the store itself.
Remembered by most as a Smartbar resident, a place where DJs like The Black Madonna found their sound, club owner Joe Shanahan wrote on Facebook that Woodson "was a gentle person and loved having him bring his musical taste/style to Smartbar”
DJ Colette also shared that Woodson gave her a break at only 19 years old promoting his Mummy Bar night, adding "I will always remember your kindness and I will always be grateful for everything you taught me. You will be forever missed”
Vocalo Radio will be paying tribute to Darrell Woodson by featuring his mixes this Thursday 9th & Friday 10th May.

Words: Amy Fielding