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Brian Coney
13 June 2022, 13:42

Chicane releases 25th anniversary edition of 'Far From the Maddening Crowds’: Listen

"Revisiting my debut album was something I couldn’t not do," said the British trance originator


Chicane, aka English producer and musician Nicholas Bracegirdle, has released a 25th-anniversary edition of his debut album 'Far From the Maddening Crowds’.

Featuring trance hits such as 'Offshore', the 11-track LP was originally released via Xtravagana Records in 1997. Now, Bracegirdle has unveiled a new, reworked edition featuring all-new 'Evolution' mixes

“It’s like catching up with a friend, and it’s weird looking back on something you created so long ago”, he said of the re-release. “It’s mainly because music evolves, like our memories evolve alongside. I was very aware that touching this album, re-recording and reworking it, was going to be tricky. I didn’t want to take anything away or add anything unnecessarily into the mix."

"But all things considered, revisiting my debut album was something I couldn’t not do," he added. "I had learned so much over the twenty odd years and I had a recall of the Balearic sound seasoned with time and love.”

Stream the 25th-anniversary edition in full below.

Last year, the British trance originator released his eighth studio album, ‘Everything We Had To Leave Behind’. Written and recorded both before and during the pandemic, the album is described as a record of "peaceful reflection, hope, reverence and isolation", and features 14 tracks spanning “from the beach to the dance floor”.

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