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A club in Berlin has banned CDJs and turntables

Kreuzberg's Liquid Sky is encouraging DJs and performers to think outside the box…

A club in Berlin is banning all CDJs and turntables. In an effort to broaden the minds of DJs and punters alike, Liquid Sky Berlin is banning the use of any type of media player and traditional turntable in favour of other music-making sources. 

Tape machines, modular synths, cassette decks, Gameboys and home fitness devices are just some of the suggested alternatives performers and musicians are encouraged to explore. It comes at a time when industry standards are being questioned with Denon’s new media player range starting to make waves and potentially unseat Pioneer DJ’s long-held reign. There’s also been rumours of a new style of ‘CDJ’ with no jog wheel. 

With more producers and DJs incorporating mini synths, drum machines and live tools to their sets, it may not seem as far fetched as first thought and may inspire more creative use of music, sonics and textures. No word yet if playing YouTubes off your phone is acceptable, but we’re assuming not.