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CockTail d'Amore to celebrate 10th anniversary with compilation and book

The book will also be part of a special ten years pack sold exclusively on Bandcamp

CockTail d'Amore will celebrate a decade of parties and releases with a new compilation and a book, due out in December.

The legendary Berlin party and collective, who started life as a DIY party in 2009, moving from clubs to illegal venues across the city, found a more stable home in 2014 at the Griessmuehle club. CockTail d'Amore soon launched a label, releasing EPs from Geist, Powder and Sfire.

The compilation, 'Nothing Matters When We're Dancing Vol.10', features tracks from Bézier, Kris Baha, Tornado Wallace, Mascaras & Powder, and aims to capture the essence of "long hours of music and dances, countless wild encounters, occasional hook-ups and many sleepless nights." In line with the CockTail d'Amore ethics, they also share the compilation and book represent "the guiding aspiration of Cocktail to be a utopian sex-positive safer space where people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, genders, and sexualities are truly free to express themselves."

Entitled 10 - 10 years of music, friendships, flirts, and fun., the book will comprise of memories in visual and written forms, archiving images, video stills, stories, anecdotes and poems from CockTail d'Amore's colourful history.

Check out the full tracklist  for the compilation below. All the revenues collected from the sales of the book 10 at the party and through the label’s Bandcamp page will be donated to three LGBTQI+ non-profit NGOs based in Berlin and Germany which support lesbians, gays, bisexuals, Trans, Inter and queers, with a focus on refugees, indigenous, black and people of color.

Release 1: MAIN ROOM
A1 - Jonathan Kusuma 'Energi Hall'
A2 - Sleep D & Samo DJ 'No Mans Land'
B1 - Mascaras & Powder 'RealGold'
B2 - DJ City 'Torreyson Drive'

Release 2: GARDEN
A1 - Tornado Wallace 'Start Again'
A2 - GreenVision 'Sleeping Bag In New York'
B1 - Bon Voyage Organization 'Presque Cassini'
B2 - Bell Towers 'In The Garden'

Release 3: COSMIC HOLE
A1. CPI 'Mount Anal'
A2. Juan Ramos 'Skincrawler'
B1. Kris Baha 'Parallelled'
B2. Bézier 'Starpoint'