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Craig Richards to step down from weekly fabric slot

“I won't have a weekly residency any more”...

Craig Richards has revealed that he will be stepping down from his weekly Fabric London slot in 2018 in a new interview.

Richards, who will remain a DJ resident at the club in a monthly format, has held his weekly residency at the Farringdon venue since it opened in 1999.

Speaking about stepping down from his weekly slot in an interview with Crack Magazine, Richards said, “I'm enjoying playing there more by playing there less, and next year I'm going to start a specific night, but I won't have a weekly residency any more.

"It's a bit like a relationship where you're more in love when you see each other every so often. Perhaps."

A spokesperson for Fabric London told RA, "Craig is still the cornerstone of the club. Throughout this year he's had a number of other commitments that have meant he's played here less often, but he is still very much our resident.

“Craig won't be playing for us every weekend in 2018, but we're currently working on an exciting new monthly project as part of a new chapter in his residency.”

Richards held the inaugural Houghton Festival in August, the dance music weekender he started in collaboration with the team behind Welsh shindig Gottwood.

Richards also spoke to DJ Mag for our investigation into what the reopening of Fabric meant for the future of London clubbing.

Rob McCallum is DJ Mag’s deputy digital editor. Follow him on Twitter here.