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Crosley reveal 3-inch mini turntable for Record Store Day

For all your tiny vinyl needs... (?)

A 3-inch mini turntable is being made available on Record Store Day by budget manufacturer, Crosley.

As reported by Digital Trends, the very limited-edition tiny turntables will sell for $70 and, despite its size, has most of the assets of its regular-sized counterparts. With a pitch control slider, a dust cover and a moving magnet cartridge by Audio-Technica, the turntable is powered by USB or batteries. It even has a headphone jack alongside its built-in speaker.

While novel, a 3-inch miniature turntable is not unheard of. The devices, known as 8-ban record players, originated in Japan and can play up to four minutes of audio. Traditionally, the players have been used for playing TV theme tunes.

Crosley have revealed that they are working with Japanese vinyl manufacturing plant Toyokasei, who will be making tiny records to play on the turntable.

Of course, if this all feels a little bit silly maybe you’ll be more interested in Audio Technica’s seven new turntables, or the world’s first HQ wireless turntable or Technics newly announced SL-1200mk7.

Or if tiny digital toys are more your thing then perhaps you’ll enjoy this surreal DJ playset for that will let your kid (or you) pretend to be a superstar.