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Crossbreed announces weekly residency at Corsica Studios

The queer fetish community event revives its Sunday afternoon London residency later this month after Tower Hamlets threatened legal action earlier this year

Crossbreed announces weekly residency at Corsica Studios

Crossbreed's weekly sex-positive queer parties are returning later this month.

The inclusive intimate fetish event, founded by Kiwi, has a new residency Sunday afternoons at Corsica Studios, which will be carefully set-up in a way tailored to Crossbreed's needs. From 20th November, each Crossbreed event will have Corsica set up with a playroom designed by Irish designer Domnhall Nolan, "wellness sanctuary" for attendees to relax and a visual installation by ethical porn site Four Chambers.

The line-ups for Crossbreed's upcoming Corsica events through January 2023 include DJ Paulette, Nick Höppner, Josh Caffé, FKA.M4A, Marie Malarie, Cormac and Hammer, plus residents Kiwi and Anthousai. 

At the beginning of the year, Crossbreed launched a Sunday residency at east London venue Colour Factory which, alongside queer sex-positive party Klub Verboten, was threatened with legal action by Tower Hamlet's Council over nudity.

Find more information on Crossbreed's ethos and events on their website.