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Crowdfunding campaign started for Phil K following terminal cancer diagnosis

Friends organised the Gofundme campaign to help the Australian DJ/producer pay for expensive medicine that can help extend his life...

Australian DJ and producer Phil K today said he was “overwhelmed” after a Gofundme campaign to help prolong his life smashed through its target within 24 hours.

Phil, who produces as Lostep with Luke Chable and under the Analog Stars and Digital Stars monikers with Danny Bonnici, was diagnosed with terminal cancer several months ago. Since then, he has been in and out of hospital and been through gruelling surgery.

Friends organised the Gofundme campaign to help Phil pay for expensive medicine – costing around AUS$20,000 a year – that can help extend his life. Donations topped AUS$30,000 within 24 hours.

Melbourne’s dance music community is also pulling together to throw a 12-hour fundraiser for Phil, on 30th March.

Party promoters Organic Audio described Phil as “one of Australia’s favourite DJs and personalities”, adding, “Both his music and passionate loving character pioneered the way for not only a culture but a true sense of community that goes with it.”

Chronicling his battle with cancer, Phil, who hopes to be strong enough to play at the party, said, “I want to hang on for as long as I can. I want to get back to music and DJing.” Read Phil’s moving story here.

Phil K delivered a DJ Mag cover CD mix in 2003, titled 'DJ World Series: Breaks From Australia'.

(Photo: Jess Middleton)