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Croydon is getting a new 500-capacity club, Phase

The two-room venue will open next month

Croydon is getting a new 500-capacity club called Phase.

The new two-room venue is the brainchild of The Lambeth Group, the team behind Brixton venue The Prince Of Wales, and is set to open next month. 

It comes with a brand new Coda Audio soundsystem, while the team behind the club, which has a 4am license, promise "Inclusive" line-ups from their programme of events. Fridays and Saturdays will be geared towards club events, while live music and comedy will be the focus on weeknights. 

Details of the opening month's programme are yet to be announced, but you can find a video trailer for the venue below. Follow the club online here.

Phase isn't the only club to open in London this year. Peckham recently got the new 220-capacity Peckham Audio, while the 300-capacity Werkhaus opened on Brick Lane in September.