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Da Hool accuses reality TV star of plagiarising ‘Meet Her At The Love Parade’

"Can I steal and sample 10 seconds of a Madonna song and sell it as my own music piece without permission?"

German DJ and producer Da Hool has called out DJ Joel Corry for plagiarising his 1997 trance anthem, 'Meet Her At The Love Parade'.

Writing in a recent Facebook post, Da Hool shared how the music label CR2 records had asked for remix approval three times — but had been rejected because a re-release of the classic track was already in the works. 

"A few weeks ago the label informed us that the artist has promoted and released the song by himself!!! WTF?????" he shared, "The title 'Meet her at the Love Parade' was changed to 'The Parade' which is a copyright change and he has also used, completely, the melody sample of the original song without any master approval."

Joel Corry, the DJ accused of plagiarism, appeared on earlier episodes of Geordie Shore and has apparently deactivated Da Hool and others comments on social media highlighting the breach in copyright. 

Helena Hauff shared in her DJ Mag cover feature that she grew up watching streams of the Berlin’s iconic Love Parade, which inspired the song’s title.

The Love Parade also made headlines in 2010 when 21 people were killed and 500 injured due to overcrowding.