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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter teases acid techno track, 'Riga (Take 5)': Listen

“14’41’’ of mental techno recorded in a single take”

A new Thomas Bangalter track has just emerged online - apparently recorded in one take, it’s an acid techno belter.

One half of Daft Punk, the producer earned credits on the soundtrack to 2017 French film Riga (Take 1), and has continued his composition work on movies, more recently crafting music for the Gaspar Noé film Climax.

A preview of the track playing on vinyl, uploaded to the Instagram page of Bangalter’s longtime label home Ed Banger, was accompanied by the caption:

» 14’41’’ of mental techno recorded in a single take. 
Taken from Riga (Take 1) original soundtrack
Limited edition one sided 12’’ 
Made in Latvia 
not an #edbanger release’

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