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Daft Punk share 'GLBTM (Studio Outtake)' from 10th anniversary edition of 'Random Access Memories': Listen

The cut is an early version of 'Random Access Memories' album track 'Give Life Back To Music'

Daft Punk share unreleased track, 'GLBTM (Studio Outtake)', from 10th anniversary edition of 'Random Access Memories': Listen

Daft Punk have shared a previously unreleased track, 'GLBTM (Studio Outtake)', which appears on the forthcoming 10th anniversary reissue of their album 'Random Access Memories'. You can listen to it below.

The track is an early, raw version of album cut 'Give Life Back To Music', before any further production touches were added to it, and is one of a number of demos and outtakes from sessions for 'Random Access Memories' that will appear on the forthcoming reissue of the album.

The 10th anniversary edition of the record was originally announced in February, and will feature the full album in addition to nine bonus cuts. In March, the duo shared the first of those cuts, the Todd Edwards-featuring 'The Writing Of Fragments Of Time'.

Listen to 'GLBTM (Studio Outtake)' below.

Earlier this month, Daft Punk's Thomas Bangalter opened up on the duo's 2021 split.