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Daft Punk tribute book, We Were The Robots, published by Disco Pogo

The book traces the duo's story from their formation through to their split last year

Daft Punk tribute book, We Were The Robots, published by Disco Pogo

Publisher Disco Pogo is issuing a new book about Daft Punk, called 'We Are The Robots'.

Set to be published on 1st March, the 250-page hardback book will explore the story and legacy of the French duo, from their early days through to the unexpected announcement of their split in February 2021.

Disco Pogo's predecessor Jockey Slut published Daft Punk's first ever interview back in 1994, and were also responsible for the duo's first magazine cover in 1996, prior to establishing themselves as the masked robots that they came to be known as. That history is explored in 'We Are The Robots' with the interview and cover feature included as part of their story.

The book also features interviews and photos from other magazines in which they appeared, as well as plenty of newly commissioned content such as oral histories, interviews and essays.

In a statement, the Disco Pogo team said: "The book has been a labour of love since the band split but we are finally ready to share it with the Disco Pogo community and beyond."

'We Are The Robots' is available to pre-order here.

Earlier this year, Daft Punk began sharing archive material via a new website. Another book exploring the iconic duo's 28-year legacy, and wider cultural impact, After Daft, by UK-based author, journalist and DJ Mag contributor Gabriel Szatan, will also be released next year. 

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