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Daft Punk unveil new Christmas merchandise

Two words come to mind, 'Oh Yeah'...

Daft Punk have unveiled a new line of Christmas merchandise, allowing fans to add a truly fresh edge to their impending Yuletide celebrations.

The range includes a 'Discovery'-era ornament set, comprising miniaturised versions of the duo's iconic robot helmets that can be hung from the tree, a snow globe with ice cave illuminated by an LED, and a jigsaw  based on the D.A.F.T. video anthology cover because, let's face it, no festive period is complete without sitting down to a 1,000 piece-r. 

2017 is an important year for Daft Punk for more reasons than seasonal cheer, too. It's the tenth anniversary of their seminal Alive tour, one of the defining moments in the outfit's history, with the hometown leg- Paris- recently shared in full HD and available to watch here

Meanwhile, 20 years ago they released their landmark debut album, 'Homework', and gave the world a Radio 1 Essential Mix, which remains one of the format's finest and most taped outings.

The Christmas merchandise is available to order from the Daft Punk website