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Danny Rampling: ‘Phuture’s ‘Acid Tracks’ is the ultimate acid house track’

The don reveals the contents of his psychic record bag...

Danny Rampling has revealed that Phuture’s ‘Acid Tracks’ is the one track that he wished he had signed after hearing it at Amnesia Ibiza in 1987.

“This is the ultimate acid house track that pioneered the revolutionary acid 303 sound,” he told the Guardian during a recent crate digging interview.

“It still sounds as cosmic as it did in the early rave days. I first heard it in the open air on the dancefloor at Amnesia Ibiza 87 with DJ Alfredo playing a magical mix which influenced us all.”

In the interview, the legendary DJ also revealed that he thinks that Rhythm Masters’ ‘Feel Your Love’ should have been a crossover hit, and the track that he’d play at his aunt's wedding would be Mark Ronson’s and Bruno Mars’ ‘Uptown Funk’ — you learn something new every day.

DJ Mag sat down with the legendary selector back in 2015 to talk about acid house and its seemingly ever-lasting legacy. 

Check out the full interview here.