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Darude has released a new song, 'Surrender'

Track I.D? 

Darude, yes that Darude, has shared a new track called 'Surrender'.

The 'Sandstorm' hitmaker has returned with a typically maximal cut that features input from fellow producers Ashley Wallbridge and FOUX. 

With a classic eurodance synth riff and vocal on top of plenty of rolling snare builds and drops, 'Surrender' is pretty much the sort of trance epic you'd expect from the Finnish man behind the meme.

Darude, real name Toni-Ville Henrik Virtanen, will be embarking on a 'Surrender' tour across the US in the next few months too with more details to come soon. 

Meanwhile, have a listen to 'Surrender' below and see if it lives up to the iconic banger that made his name.

In December 2017, Darude gave an in-depth interview about the the story of 'Sandstorm' which you can watch here.